Production Photo Gallery
The Interview Set Allen McCormick Beating an Alternateen Bloody with Friends Greg Smith Posing after a McGoogle-Style Whipping Meeting Place for First Day of Shooting Crew Waits Under Bridge while Stuntmen Drive from Houston The Exact Frame When Lin Kicked a Hole in my Head A Boy and His Hooker A Dead Ninja V8 Dolly Jim Cable Takes a Break Allen Comforting George Standoff in the Construction Yard The Clown Crew on a Dinner Break The Deadly Clown Grip of Death Do We Look Like Superheroes? Andy Banks Ponders the Final Scene Hiyam the One Man Band Kick in the Head - The Aftermath Uncle Leo on Set Jim Cable & Gary Head Take a TV Break Andy Banks and Jim Cable Create Gore in Shallow River Bill and Lin Preparing to Fight Mitchell + Bill = Bitchell Forever My Toes are Cold Sewer-Home of the Black Ninja Gangland Rumble Gorilla Filmmaking A Boy and His VX-1000 About to Crash Mmmm Mmmm Pushups in the River, Like any Good Ninja Would Daniel Jacob & Bill on a Rainy Day Night for Day Training with Fruit Allen is About to Puke Carrying Equipment in the West End Rooftop Showdown Lin and Yves Chill on the Dolly Dog Blood A Boy and His SR2 Catching Flies Greg Smith with a Canon Scoopic Bill Recording Sound and Liking it a Little Too Much Joy! We are done shooting for the day! Mom Pushes, Jim Shoots, Bill Rests Low Angle Ninjas Fun Times after Shooting Dana